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Nos engagements - lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaire

ABC fights against food waste

Today in France, 9.1 million people live below the poverty line* and some of them do not have enough to eat. However, we know that nearly 10 million tons of consumable food are wasted every year, 21% of which is wasted during processing in the food industries.

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ABC_fournisseur charcuterie de provence_provence rugby

Sport : a partnership with the "Provence Rugby" team

For 20 years now, ABC, a charcuterie wholesaler, has been renewing its partnership with the rugby team "Provence Rugby".

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Raclette Bowl - tendance culinaire

Strategic monitoring : the raclette cheese bowl, this winter's culinary trend

This month, your sliced product supplier is sharing its strategic monitoring with you. Zoom on a revisited raclette : the raclette bowl


It is a new trendy dish inspired by buddha bowl and poke bowl. The raclette bowl contains all the elements that make up a raclette, in a bowl or plate with curved edges.

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Actualité - Renouvellement IFS

ABC : an IFS certified company for 15 years

As every year since 2005, your supplier of sausages and cured meats renewed its IFS "International Food Standard" certification at the end of last October. 

It is a food safety standard created by and for supermarkets.


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