ABC combats excess additives


Today, it is imperative to play the card of transparency regarding the processing of ABC's products.

As we move into the 21st century, and particularly in recent years, we have moved away from the days when consumers implicitly demanded a lot of functionality from food in order to adapt to changing lifestyles. We are in a new era where customers no longer accept to depend on the food industry. They are more seasoned, more knowledgeable, they want to know and decide for themselves. In stores, they take more time to read labels or use the new applications available. Their choice turns to quality products.


To meet these new expectations, ABC has also questioned itself. An operation of "cleanage" has been launched five years ago. Your delicatessen supplier has improved the recipes in its catalogue and has committed itself, whenever possible, to removing additives or replacing them with natural extracts from plants, fruit and vegetables and sometimes even ferments. We keep ourselves informed on a daily basis about the progress of functional and aromatic ingredient manufacturers. We work closely with them to improve the composition of our products, without altering their organoleptic and health qualities. Thus, the next recipe to evolve is that of white meat sausage with the removal of 2 additives in the coming months.


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