ABC fights against food waste


Today in France, 9.1 million people live below the poverty line* and some of them do not have enough to eat. However, we know that nearly 10 million tons of consumable food are wasted every year, 21% of which is wasted during processing in the food industries.

This is why, for more than twenty years, ABC, your delicatessen supplier, concerned about fighting this food waste, has been engaged in a partnership with associations authorized to donate. To date, this commitment benefits three charitable associations present in the department: "Les Restos Du Coeur", "Aix En Partage" and "Le Collectif de la Fraternité Salonaise". By making dishes with our products, or simply distributing them, these associations help the most deprived to feed themselves.


Choosing ABC means choosing a committed supplier of quality products.

*An individual is considered poor in France when his or her monthly income is less than 867 euros (threshold at 50% of the median standard of living).


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