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Since August 2018, African swine fever has been rampant throughout the world. This disease affects all suidae, including breeding pigs and wild boars. The mortality rate is almost 100% in these animals because it requires the slaughter of the animals as a preventive measure.


To date, more than one million pigs have had to be slaughtered in China. They are the world's largest producers and consumers of pork, with 54 million tonnes. They alone account for 45% of the world's pork production.

To continue to source pork meat, they rely on imports, particularly from Europe, which distorts the overall market. Between January and March 2019, pork exports from Europe to China increased by almost 25%. As a result of this increase in demand, since March, the price of French pork has risen by 24% and more than 30% on some cuts, particularly ham. Spain and Germany are not to be outdone, with even higher price increases. 

Source : IFIP


This creates a significant tension for processors of deli products, for which the cost of the raw material represents more than 50% of the price of the finished product. If prices continue to soar, the profession could face financial difficulties.

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